Why I say 'progress not perfection'

not said this in our classes recently, but I often put this hashtag on my social media posts. But why?

Firstly, let's look at what perfection means. The Cambridge dictionary defines it as "the state of being complete and correct in every way". Now let's think about that in relation to health and fitness (although this relates to any area of life). Can we ever achieve perfection? I would argue not. Think about those people who train for bodybuilding competitions. Those people put themselves through an extreme amount of training and dieting to get competition ready. Having spoken to people who do this I know that they are never happy and their goal is always changing. Always wanting to be more muscular. Always wanting to be more lean. So in this respect, perfection doesn't exist. In the same way any sort of goal often moves. Think about life goals. We might have a goal to own a property. When we own the property next goal might be to own a larger one with a bigger garden or with more rooms. So the property related goal is always moving. The same can be said with our health and fitness. We might have a goal to lose a few kilograms. When we achieve that we might set another goal. So this means that perfection doesn't really exist.

Having just thought about that, I think it is much more important to be making progress. We can measure progress and even if our goal changes, we can still be making progress. We hear of people who are always seeking to learn new things throughout their lives. Making progress. When it comes to fitness, I think it's better to be striving to be live a fit and healthy life rather than chasing a particular definition of what we should look like. Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle helps us to live longer lives, and there is always progress to be made.

So lets be striving to keep making progress. Not striving to achieve perfection.

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