What does being fit and healthy mean to you?

What does being fit and healthy mean? ⁣

Does it mean having the perfect physique? The most defined abs? Sturdy legs? Being able to run a marathon? Eating chicken veg and rice 5 times a day? ⁣

It’s a bit of a trick question as it’s all relative to you. We will all answer that differently depending on our own circumstances and life. ⁣

So really what I want to say here is that it’s up to us as individuals to define what that means. We aren’t all going to look the same, and we aren’t all able to workout for hours a day (should we even want to). But we can take steps to be more fit and healthy. Whether that is moving a bit more, or making more conscious choices with food we can all take steps to improve our lives. ⁣We just need to decide to then show up and do it - in however small a chunk we feel we can. Progress is progress, after all.

Given what we have been through over the last few months (and who knows what is to come) we’ve all had a difficult time of it and keeping on top of life has been hard - let alone trying to think about health and fitness! If you feel that you want to take some steps, find something that seems right for you and then do it. Be kind to yourself and do what you can do. Same goes when heading back to the gym (if that's your thing) - things are going to be different than they were before. Our fitness levels might be different and probably can’t go straight back in where we left off. But as with everything, do what works for you. ⁣

To bring my own story into this, at the start of the lockdown I found things incredibly challenging. I was eating way more food, making unhealthy food choices (reaching for the all of the chocolate) and was moving way less. Whilst I was working out every day, I was eating the same amount as I had done when I was walking 5 miles a day and doing a full gym workout. And after a few weeks I wondered why my clothes weren't fitting! In times of trial, sometimes we can only focus on a few really important things and other things have to take a back seat. That was certainly my experience. After several weeks of feeling bloated and sluggish I took steps. I'm managing my nutrition and logging my food on MyFitnessPal, I'm making sure I'm getting in a quality workout each day and a good walk on a rest day (rest is important too)! In the last few weeks that I've been doing this I've seen and felt a big difference in myself. There's always a distance to travel, but as I always say it's about progress not perfection.

Whatever phase of things you're at right now - that's OK! Do what you can do and be kind to yourself. When the time comes, you'll be back at it and feeling motivated and making progress.

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