Easing of lockdown

How are you doing? So, the lockdown measures we have been experiencing are starting to ease. We've already seen restaurants and bars open up along with hairdressers and soon to be gyms.

How are you feeling about all of this? What's your lockdown experience been like? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found it a challenge in several ways. We all adapt to challenging circumstances in different ways, don't we? And this time has been something we haven't experienced before so we've all had to learn to adapt.

Sometimes we just have to get by - and so what ever you have done to do get by, that was probably what you needed. For me, I started eating a lot more and was being way less active than I had been prior to lockdown being implemented. After a few weeks of this, I got into a better place and took back control of my diet and nutrition. Using free tools like MyFitnessPal can be a great help with this. I started using it every day again, and tracking my activity levels and calorie intake has enabled me to get back on track.

The important thing here is to be kind to ourselves. These have been challenging times! Allowing ourselves to cope in the way that works for us a the time is no bad thing. Yes, that might have resulted in a few extra lbs - but that's totally manageable. There's no point in beating ourselves up over that. When we feel ready to take on the challenge, we can get started and find ways to get back on track.

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