National Fitness Day 2020 is on 23rd September.

To mark this day, I'm running a free SH1FT class Live on my Facebook Page.

If you haven't done SH1FT before, let me explain a little bit about what it is.  SH1FT is a high intensity class which utilises what we call the 6 degrees of freedom.  What that really boils down to is functional style high intensity fitness which can be adapted so that anyone can take part.  From someone new to fitness to a seasoned athlete - these workouts can be done by anyone to suit their own level.

The particular class we are going to do for National Fitness Day is a low impact class.  This means that, unlike a number of the other SH1FT classes there are no jumps! I should say, that even if there are planned jumps in a class there are always options to take these out! Low Impact is focussed, in the main, on the lower body with some great moves that will really get the heart pumping.  We always start with a warm up, and there is always a cool down at the end with some stretches before we end the session.

To join the class, click below to view the event on Facebook and click interested to be notified of further updates.

Facebook Event

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