What are Fit Camps ?

I’m guessing that you’ve heard of a Boot Camp? Most of us have some sort of perception about that that is. We often think of these being originated in Military training and fitness.

A Fit Camp is based on a similar concept. Group fitness which combines aerobic fitness (also referred to as cardiovascular or cardio) with some strength training. That this means in practice is exercises like jogging on the spot (cardio), squats (strength), jumping jacks aka star jumps (cardio) and press ups (strength).

Sometimes we work in teams, sometimes in pairs, but always as a group. Fitness should be enjoyable and not a chore and we try and make Fit Camps fun as well as challenging.

What’s the structure?

A Fit Camp session can take many different forms, but will always have some sort of warm up, a main activity and a cool down with stretches at the end. Some sessions might have lots of different activities in them and some might contain one longer activity.

The sessions are always changing in order to keep them fun and interesting.

All exercises are explained and demonstrated so that you know what to do and how to do it.

Who goes to Fit Camp?

All sorts of people. Those that have done very little or no fitness activities before, and those that are very active. Everyone is welcome.

Of course, not everyone can always do all of the planned exercises or activities. That’s totally fine. We’ll work out something else for you, if that’s the case. We each know our own bodies better than anyone else, so it’s important to speak up if something doesn’t feel right or if we know we can’t do a particular move.

Fit Camps are a safe space where we acknowledge that everyone is on their own fitness journey. Some people might only be able to do one push up, someone else might be able to 40. Do what you can do, and put as much effort into it as you feel able. That’s all we can ask. Oh, and that you have fun!

Ready to book in?

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