Getting on with it

How many times do you hear or say yourself “I’m going to do…” ?

Now, before I get started with this - setting an intention is a great and really positive step. Saying something along the lines of “I’m going to do…” is a way of acknowledging what you want to do and achieve. People often do this sort of thing around the beginning of the year with New Year’s Resolutions. This is great and positive and should be encouraged. But…

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

Carl Jung

The first step is setting the intention. But setting an intention without taking action is, well, kind of pointless. Sometimes taking the action requires some preparation or planning. Maybe that larger intention needs breaking down into steps. For instance if your intention is to run a marathon, for instance, then you might need to break this down into steps. Run 1km, run for 5km, run for 10km etc…

I often speak about this sort of thing, but it is really important. Saying “I’m going to run 3 times per week” is a great intention, but if you only manage to go once per week then maybe your intention, your goal, needs updating to something you can manage. Once you then manage once per week then you can up your intention.

There is great power in just getting on with what we say we are going to do. Saying “I’m going to lose weight” is fine - but if this isn’t backed up with action then it’s actually not helping!

Find something that you can commit to, then get on and do it. You can always adjust your intentions later once you’ve started. This is why we talk about step goals. Set one goal, achieve it then set another. Then, before you know it your overall goal that might have seemed totally un-achievable will get into view.

Tim Cooper