My top 5 tips for weight loss

What’s simple but difficult in equal measure? Well if you’ve seen the title of this post you’ll know the answer: weight loss!

The formula is a simple one, eat less and move more. But it’s something that a lot of us struggle with at different points in our lives. There are a few top tips that I’ve found to be helpful.

  1. Be more active - every little helps! Mix up resistance training and cardio. (But just getting out for a walk is a good start)

  2. Eat less calories than you burn - this way your body will use your energy reserves. Let’s not get extreme here, though!

  3. Track your food intake - if you log what you eat (and are honest about this) you can start to take control of it and make healthier choices.

  4. Be consistent - keep doing it. Create a habit. 

  5. Be patient - results don’t happen overnight. It might take a while but ever day you’ll be building a more healthy you

You can do it! Believe and you can achieve. Yes, that does sound like a cliche but it’s true - if that belief is followed up by action. Consistent action.

Tim Cooper