New year, new me?

We’re heading into that last month of the year in a couple of days. This is the time of year that many of us kind of give up on our goals and opt to ‘start again in the New Year’. After all ‘it is Christmas’. That’s a phrase that someone that I know used to say this time of year to, basically justify anything and everything they wanted to do that they knew wasn’t good for them.

The whole idea of a ‘new me’ in a new year is basically a misnomer, in my opinion. Making big lifestyle changes doesn’t happen overnight. Breaking these into individual steps and taking it one step at a time can add up to a large fundamental change - but trying to change everything all at once at one specific time of the year, can often end in giving up on everything.

Just because the year increases by one might seem like a sensible time to look back and take stock of things and make some changes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but why just don this once a year? We could be doing this much more regularly and making our life better on a daily basis.

Rather than ‘New Year, New Me’. I’d rather think about it in this way. New day, new opportunities for growth. Every day we have a chance to grow, develop, change, and make good choices that support our goals. Each day is brand new. Whilst some days might feel like the repeat of another, they are all unique. It is up to use to make the most of them. This is a lesson I’m learning, and it is one that is so worthwhile.

So, rather than focusing on the new year to make some changes and evaluate our lives, why not take that chance every day. Reflect, consider, evaluate and change. Continuous growth. Continuous gratitude (I need to write a totally separate post on that alone). Continuous Change and development.

Why wait? Let’s start now.

Tim Cooper