Accept a challenge. You’ll be surprised!

A year ago I was preparing to embark on the gym’s annual ‘Survival of the Fittest’ competition. A week long knock out event with one gruelling workout per day. Day one - the top 5 people go through. Day two - the top 4 ... etc until on day 5 the final takes places between the two remaining competitors. 

Last year I took part in this event for the second time. I had trained for it. Worked hard. There were only 5 of us taking part so we all got through the first day.  

These workouts are short, but intense! Mostly lasting under 30 minutes. Because they were so intense it wasn’t easy to do any other training around them. Each day I got through.  And the rest of the guys were 10-20 years younger than me. Through sheer hard work (and a little luck) I got through to the final against someone almost twice my height. Ok, that’s obviously an exaggeration but he’s way taller (and younger) than I. 

The final was an event called The Murph.  

  • 1 mile run

  • 100 pull ups (body weight)

  • 200 push ups

  • 300 squats (body weight)

  • 1 mile run

The person with the quickest time wins. 

That person was not me. But I gave it my all. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Pull ups don’t come easily so I was doing them one at a time. And failed. But kept getting back up and trying again. The mental determination needed to do that was not something I’d prepared for. It was intense! 

My point here is that when I look back to 4 years ago I couldn’t have even contemplated doing something like that. But here I was, doing it. And I got to the final. Every day I kept reminding myself of just how far I’d come. 

When I got home that Friday night I collapsed and due to the absolute intensity of the week I burst into tears. Not because I hadn’t won but from exhaustion and all the emotion of getting through each day. It was a release. And it was needed. 

Its a hard hard experience but something I’m so glad I pushed myself to do. I’ve grown so much from doing it. So, if you get chance to take up a challenge - do it. Rise to it. You might be surprised at what you’re actually capable of!  

Tim Cooper